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06/26/24 - 07/02/24

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Household Essentials

Boulder Flex Drawstring Kitchen Bags AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Quantity120 ctBoulder Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99*Quantity37.5 ft.DuPont Allergen Air Filter AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*


Crofton 40 oz Vacuum Insulated Bottle AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crofton 4pk Acrylic Glasses AmounteachCurrent Price$5.99*Crofton 6pc Knife Set AmounteachCurrent Price$7.99*Crofton 8pc Glass Storage Bowl AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crofton Acacia Wood Boards AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crofton Acacia and Stainless Steel Utensils AmounteachCurrent Price$7.99*Crofton Acrylic Ice Cream Bowls or Milkshake Set AmounteachCurrent Price$5.99*Crofton Expandable Lunch or Salad Container AmounteachCurrent Price$7.99*Crofton Food Chopper AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crofton Glass Beverage Dispenser AmounteachCurrent Price$14.99*Crofton Ice Cream Accessories AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*Crofton Ice Cream Food Storage AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Crofton Ice Cube Tray Assortment AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99*Crofton Paella Pan AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crofton Salad Spinner AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*Crofton Stoneware Platter AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Huntington Home Towels, Dishcloths or Pot Holder/Oven Mitt AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*Joie Bag Clips or Sink Strainer AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*


Huntington Home 2' x 6' Multi Woven Runner AmounteachCurrent Price$14.99*Huntington Home 20x36 Manhattan or Wyndham Doormat AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Huntington Home 30" x 47" Manhattan Doormat AmounteachCurrent Price$14.99*Huntington Home 4Pk Placemat Set AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Huntington Home 5' x 7' Boho Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug AmounteachCurrent Price$39.99*Huntington Home Floor Pillow AmounteachCurrent Price$16.99*Huntington Home Summer Table Runner AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*

Outdoor Living & Garden

Adventuridge Rocking Director's Chair AmounteachCurrent Price$49.99*Banzai Inflatable Projector Screen AmounteachCurrent Price$69.99*Belavi Solar Fire Bowl AmounteachCurrent Price$16.99*CASALUX Globe String Lights AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crofton Melamine Picnic Set AmounteachCurrent Price$19.99*Crofton Modern Picnic Basket with Serving Lid AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Crofton Outdoor Serveware AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Fresh Flower Bouquet Assorted Varieties AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Huntington Home Flexible Tub AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Huntington Home Fold Up Picnic Blanket AmounteachCurrent Price$14.99*Patriotic Celosia AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*


Serra Ladies Slide Sandals AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*

Kids & Baby

Step 2 Archway Falls Water Table AmounteachCurrent Price$39.99*

Pet Supplies

Heart to Tail Dog Waste Scoop AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*Heart to Tail Pet Mat and Bowls AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Heart to Tail Pet Splash Pad AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Heart to Tail Water Bottle Crinkle Toy AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*Heart to Tail Wing or Monster Bone Dog Chew AmounteachCurrent Price$8.99*Quantity22-24 ozNerf Dog Toy AmounteachCurrent Price$12.99*Pure Being Churro or Dental Dog Chews Assorted Varieties AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*

Sports & Outdoor Activities

Bee Happy Nest Swing AmounteachCurrent Price$29.99*Crane Backpack Cooler AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crane Beach Bag AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*Crane Candy, Cherry or Rainbow Swim Ring AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*Crane Full Face Snorkeling Mask AmounteachCurrent Price$14.99*Crane Novelty Pool Floats AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Crane Premium Beach Recliner AmounteachCurrent Price$24.99*Crane USB Neck Fan AmounteachCurrent Price$8.99*Flare Light-Up Flying Disc AmounteachCurrent Price$6.99*


Ambiano Flat Panel Air Circulation Fan AmounteachCurrent Price$19.99*Ambiano High Velocity Fan AmounteachCurrent Price$39.99*Bauhn HD LED Projector AmounteachCurrent Price$49.99*CASALUX Motion Sensing LED Ceiling Light AmounteachCurrent Price$9.99*


Alani NU Celeb Collab AmounteachCurrent Price$2.48*Quantity12 oz.Gatorade 12oz 12pk Assorted AmounteachCurrent Price$7.98*Quantity144 fl. oz.La Croix Sparkling Flavored Water 15pk Assorted Varieties AmounteachCurrent Price$5.85*Quantity180 fl ozNature's Nectar Strawberry Guava Mojito Mixer AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99*Quantity52 fl. oz.Prime Prime Hydration X 16.9 fl oz AmounteachCurrent Price$1.88*Quantity16.9 fl oz

Bakery & Bread

L'oven Fresh Artisanal Buns AmounteachCurrent Price$2.79*Quantity18 oz.L'oven Fresh Hawaiian Hamburger Bun AmounteachCurrent Price$2.99*Quantity15 ozSpecially Selected Plant Based Brioche Bun AmounteachCurrent Price$2.79*Quantity7.05 oz


Benton's Summer Creme Wafer Rolls Assorted Varieties AmounteachCurrent Price$2.29*Quantity5 ozClancy's BBQ or Honey Mustard Popped Potato Chips AmounteachCurrent Price$2.69*Quantity5 oz.Haribo Favorites Mix AmounteachCurrent Price$1.19*

Dairy & Eggs

Oikos Remix Salted Caramel AmounteachCurrent Price$1.49*Quantity4.5 oz.


Deutsche Küche Bavarian Brand Wieners Original or Mustard AmounteachCurrent Price$4.49*Quantity12 oz.Park Street Deli Layered Dip AmounteachCurrent Price$3.49*Quantity15 ozPark Street Deli Smoky Peach or Mango Habanero Salsa AmounteachCurrent Price$2.79*Quantity14 oz


Checkers Rally's Famous Seasoned Fries AmounteachCurrent Price$4.74*Quantity28 oz.Fremont Fish Market Colossal Easy Peel Raw Shrimp AmounteachCurrent Price$8.99*Quantity16 ozJohn Soules Foods Minion Chicken Nuggets AmounteachCurrent Price$5.99*Quantity24 oz.Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Rising Crust Chicken, Spinach and Garlic Pizza AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Quantity29 oz.Priano Manicotti or Stuffed Shells AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Quantity16-20 oz.Sara Lee Dutch Apple Pie AmounteachCurrent Price$4.99*Quantity34 ozSeason's Choice Pomegranates and Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries AmounteachCurrent Price$5.49*Quantity24 ozSpecially Selected Wood Fired Combo or BBQ Chicken Flatbread AmounteachCurrent Price$5.99*Quantity12.5 oz.Sundae Shoppe Ultimate Cones White Chocolate or Chocolate Fudge AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*Quantity16.4 fl ozTwix Ice Cream Bars AmounteachCurrent Price$4.48*Quantity11.6 fl ozTyson Thin Sliced Chicken Breasts AmounteachCurrent Price$7.49*Quantity36 oz.

Fresh Meat & Seafood

Fresh Sweet Bourbon Atlantic Salmon on a Cedar Plank AmountPer LbCurrent Price$9.99*QuantityRandom WeightSeasoned Beef Brisket AmountPer LbCurrent Price$5.79*QuantityRandom WeightSt. Louis Pork Spareribs AmountPer LbCurrent Price$1.99*QuantityRandom Weight

Pantry Essentials

Betty Crocker Triple Chunk or Walnut Brownie Mix AmounteachCurrent Price$2.66*Quantity16.5-17.8 ozCasa Mamita Mexican Style Corn AmounteachCurrent Price$1.29*Quantity11 ozHellmann's Squeeze Mayonnaise Assorted Varieties AmounteachCurrent Price$5.98*Quantity20 fl. oz.Hershey's Caramel Ice Cream Syrup AmounteachCurrent Price$3.19*Quantity22 oz.Hershey's Strawberry Ice Cream Syrup AmounteachCurrent Price$3.19*Quantity22 oz.Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing AmounteachCurrent Price$3.98*Quantity16 fl. oz.Stuffed Puffs Milk Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallows AmounteachCurrent Price$3.45*Quantity8.6 oz.Tuscan Garden Fruit and Nut Salad Topping AmounteachCurrent Price$1.99*Quantity3 ozliveGfree Gluten Free Biscuit or Cornbread Mix AmounteachCurrent Price$3.99*Quantity11.36-15 oz
ALDI Finds - View This Week’s Finds (2024)
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