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You can play Bloons TD 6 co-op with friends or the online community. From making maps to playing matches together, there are many things to do online. Read on to find out how to add friends, how to create and join a team, how to create and join a co-op match, and how to create and play community-made maps.

Add Bloons TD6 Friends

Friends is a new feature in Bloons TD 6. If you know people that also play you may want to add them so you can get into each other’s co-op games easily. Here’s how to add friends in Bloons TD 6:


1. Click the Play Social button on the main menu.

2. Select the blue Friends button in the top right corner.

3. Either tap the green icon with a person and plus sign + and enter your friend’s code (found on this menu in the right corner), or select the share button right next to your friend code to share it and look for the invite in the blue Requests tab.

Once either your or your friend has entered the friend code and accepted the request from the appropriate menu, you should appear in each other’s Friends list.

How to Join a Bloons TD 6 Team

If you want to play in the Contested Territory events found on the right side of the co-op menu, you’ll need to have a team. This is how to join a team in Bloons TD 6:

1. Open the Play Social menu and tap the blue My Team button in the top right corner.

2. The Team Browser menu will open, where you can select a team from All Teams, Friends Teams if you’ve added friends, or Requests if someone you play with sent you an invite to their team.


3. Once you’ve chosen a team, just tap the green Join button on the right side.

In the case that you decide to create your own team or switch to a new one, you can use the red Leave Team button on the bottom right of the team page, then join a different team.

How to Create a Bloons TD6 Team

Another option to play in the Contested Territory events is to create a team. However, to create a team of your own, you’ll need to have a stash of $2,000 Monkey Money saved up. Once you do, here’s how to create a team in Bloons TD 6:

1. After pressing Play Social, select the blue My Team button in the top right corner.

2. Tap the yellow Create button on the top left of the Team Browser.

3. In the Create a Team menu you will fill in a team name in the blue box.


4. Select your banner, if you have any you have or can purchase using trophies from previous team activities, by clicking the pencil on the right.

5. The pencil on the left or the emblem tab below the team name will change your emblem and symbol. Some of these can also be unlocked with trophies.

6. In the General settings, you will select if you want your group to be open to the public, private, or invite only.
7. Once you have all settings in place, select the green Create button on the bottom right and it will take your monkey money and create your team.

How to Create a Bloons TD 6 Co-op Match

Defend with other players online through a created co-op match. You can leave this open to the public or choose to only share with friends. However you want to play, here’s how to create a co-op match in Bloons TD 6:

1. In the Co-op box, select the checklist icon that says Create Match.
2. This opens an initially private match where you have to share the code or be friends with fellow players for them to join.

3. Select the green plus + button on top of the picture of the map to change which course you want to play on.


4. Use the yellow arrows below the map to choose what the territories of the split will look like on the map.
5. With the dropdowns next to the map, you can change the difficulty between easy, medium, or hard and the game mode between standard, primary only, and deflation.

6. Choose your hero in the bottom left corner where it says Change Hero.
7. If you’d like to make your matchup public, select the green Public button below the player names.
8. Once you’re ready and your team has joined, just tap the green Ready! button.

If you don’t have four players, you can use the blue Close Slot button to narrow it down to two or three players and the green Open Slot button if you’ve accidentally removed one too many.

How to Join a Bloons TD6 Co-op Match

Getting into someone else’s match is a little more simple than creating one, as you don’t have to worry about any settings. Here’s how to join a co-op match in Bloons TD 6:

1. Open the Play Social menu.

2. In the Co-op section, click the Join Match icon.

3. A box will pop up for you to enter the match code, then click Go!


4. If you are connecting through the Wi-Fi, select the blue Wi-Fi icon on the bottom left of the screen to show who is connected to the same internet.

Community Maps

In addition to the many maps already made available on Bloons TD 6, you can also choose to play maps made by other players or create your own for others to enjoy. Here’s how to create and play community-made maps.

Play a Community-Made Map

To play a community-made map all you have to do is select View Browser from the Content Browser section of the Play Social menu. This will pull up a list of maps created by other players that you can play.

At the top of the menu, you can switch between Challenges maps or Odysseys. You can view the maps by trending, newest, most liked, casual, expert, favorites, following, my saved games, my challenges, or played by selecting the dropdown above the maps list. Just select the green play button next to your map of choice and jump in.

Create a Map

To create your own map, just select Edit Challenge or Edit Odyssey from the Play Social menu.



Open the Create Challenge menu where you can click the Edit Challenge button on the bottom left to give it a unique touch.

Explore the dropdowns to change things like difficulty, game mode, lives, cash, and any special conditions. Below the dropdowns, you can restrict or add which monkeys the players may use on your map for added challenge.

Next, there are bloon settings like speed, health, and more that you can slide up or down to change the difficulty.

Finally, there are checkboxes you can choose to enable or disable for other unique settings like having all regrow bloons, allowing the use of powers, etc.


To edit an Odyssey map, you will need to click the Edit Odyssey option from the social menu.


When editing an Odyssey, you can change the name, add a description, and mess with the settings for difficulty, lives, and extreme mode at the top. Below that is the map editor.

Tap the clipboard icon on the right side of the map picture to adjust specific things for each map including which one will be played in which order. Next, you can choose the max number of monkey slots, total monkeys, power slots, and total powers. Finally, you can add or restrict powers and monkeys available to players.

To take it live, you must press the green Play button and get through to the end. This ensures it isn’t impossible for other players to beat and discourages people from adding way too many complex settings, keeping the game enjoyable. Once you've beaten it, you can use the yellow Share button on the left to allow your friends to try it for themselves or post it to the community.

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