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Order orchids online

Do you want to order orchids online and have them delivered? The Phalaenopsis orchids from the Kolibri Orchids collection are all beautiful expressions of strength, purity and originality, with excellent decorative value. More than 101 different Phalaenopsis varieties are grown in the orchid nursery of Kolibri Company in Naaldwijk (Westland), selected on the basis of refined details and a unique appearance. In the webshop you can choose from different shapes and colors. Are you going for a hand bent or a wild blooming orchid? We have divided our Phalaenopsis varieties into groups, each with their own story, which together form a family, inspired by nature.

Buy orchids in different colors

Do you prefer white, pink, yellow, orange, red or mottled? All orchids come fresh from our own orchid nursery and are delivered directly to your home. As a result, you will always receive orchids of the best quality. special, special Kolibri Orchids can be recognized by their golden label and golden touch on the pot cover. These varieties have a special flower shape or growth form.

Buy white orchid

White orchids radiate tranquility with their calm, peaceful appearance. They bring relaxation to any room and brighten up any room with their snow-white leaves. A beautiful houseplant that you see a lot in Dutch living rooms. Phalaenopsis is the Latin name of the plant, which includes many species. Our white orchids are soaked from start to finish in our own nursery, with great attention to quality. This way, only the best and most beautiful orchids come into your home. look at all the white orchids.

Buy yellow orchid

With yellow orchids you give a cheerful and sunny twist to any interior. The Phalaenopsis flowers for weeks in a row and provides a relaxed space. Did you know that indoor plants boost your mood with their blooms? They give you more peace of mind and increase your concentration, so that you can work more productively while working. look at all the yellow orchids.

Buy orange orchids

Looking for beautiful orange orchids? Kolibri Company offers various orchids from our own cultivation. The Phalaenopsis shine with their blooming flowers and bring color and tranquility to your home. Orange orchids are houseplants and can be combined well with various decorative pots. This way you can make combinations that suit your own taste and place them in any room in the house. View all our orange orchids.

Buy pink orchid

The pink orchids radiate care, softness and positivity, thanks to their color. Our orchids come from our own nursery and are delivered directly from the greenhouse to you. During the growing process, the plants first pass our quality control, so that the best and most beautiful pink orchids shine in your home. View all our pink orchids.

Buy purple orchid

We associate purple orchids with luxury, style and passion, because of their flowers they adorn every room in the house. Phalaenopsis are also called butterfly orchids because of their colorful flowers, which resemble butterflies. You will find beautiful details and textures in the flower, which you will find in our wide range, just like orchids with uniform flowers. Beautiful purple orchids from our Diamond line have been specially developed to show off a spectacular pattern on the flower. Fortunately, the flowers bloom for many weeks in a row and you can enjoy them for a long time! look at all the purple orchids from our range.

Our most popular orchids

Kolibri Orchids Mineral

With our Kolibri Orchids Mineral you add color to your interior. Moreover, you can enjoy your Phalaenopsis orchid for months. Enjoy the beauty and embrace the positive energy.

Kolibri Orchids Niagara Fall

The flower sprays of the Niagara Falls are gently bent during the growing process, creating a waterfall of flowers. It is a real Phalaenopsis with many flowers. A showpiece full of tumbling flower drops.

Kolibri Orchid's Diamond

Nature can be so beautiful! You will discover the most beautiful floral patterns with the Kolibri Orchids Diamond collection. With the Phalaenopsis with dots you see the most breathtaking varieties with brilliant colors.

Kolibri Orchid Fragrance

Want to buy a scented orchid? With our fragrant Phalaenopsis you can enjoy a 100% natural scent at home. At night, this scented orchid converts CO2 to O2 (oxygen) and this process releases a natural scent. Especially in the morning you can enjoy this wonderful scent.

Kolibri Orchid's Jewel

We are in love with our orchids with special colors, namely the orchids from the Kolibri Orchids Jewel collection. These are known for their amazing colors and impressive flower shapes. Choose Dubrovnik, Las Vegas or Italy. Each and every one of them expressions of pure power.

Buy special orchids

Orchids are popular, among other things, because there are so many different species and also very special and rare ones. For example mini orchids, the monkey orchid, the wild orchid or the cattleya. We also grow a number in our nursery special orchids.

Buy scented orchid

Fragrant orchids fall under the Phalaenopsis orchid, which has more than 20.000 species. A special species, which, in addition to their eye-catching flowers, emit a wonderful scent. The fragrant orchid converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. During this process, a natural scent is released, so you can enjoy a natural perfume, especially in the morning. View all our fragrant orchids.

Buy Butterfly Orchid

Butterfly orchids are known as beautiful houseplants and decorate any room. These orchids are also called Phalaenopsis, this is the family name of the species. Thanks to colorful and beautiful flowers, which float at the tops, the flowers resemble butterflies and the name butterfly orchids came about. look at all the butterfly orchids.

Did you know…
Are there many more orchids? Read all about it in our blog Orchid species.

Buy orchid in pot

No plant is complete without a beautiful decorative pot. We therefore also offer you the option of choosing from various matching pots for your orchid. Our trend analyst Desiree knows everything about the latest interior trends and has collected the most beautiful and hippest decorative pots for you. View all here orchids in pots.

Taking care of an orchid

Do you find it difficult to take care of your orchid? That is no longer necessary! With our care tips, even people without green fingers can take care of an orchid. On the care tips page you will find tips on how to water your Phalaenopsis, tips for the best location for the orchid and how to let your orchid bloom again. Curious about the tips? Read all about it here orchid care.

Orchid nursery Kolibri Company

If you want to buy orchids at an orchid nursery, then you've come to the right place Kolibri Company at the right place! In our nursery you will find thousands of orchids in different colours, types and sizes. There is something for everyone! If you order an orchid online from us, we will get to work for you immediately. We choose the most beautiful orchid in the nursery and ship it your way as soon as possible, so that you can enjoy your new orchid as soon as possible.

A look at our orchid nursery

As soon as you order your orchid in our shop, we will get to work to deliver your order as quickly as possible. We carefully select every orchid in our own nursery, so that you always receive a beautiful orchid of the best quality. Did you know that every orchid is in our nursery for about a year before you can sell it in our shop? For example, we care for every orchid very accurately and we apply sustainable cultivation solutions. Would you like to see more about where your new orchid comes from exactly? Take a look at our orchid nursery in this video!

Tip! Would you like to learn more about our orchid nursery? Read all about it on this page.

Orchid delivery

You can easily deliver an orchid yourself via our shop. Choose a beautiful orchid and we will do the rest for you. We choose your new orchid ourselves in our own orchid nursery and then deliver your order to your address or the address of someone else. We deliver all our orchids in safe packaging that is specially designed for safe orchid delivery, so that your orchid is always delivered beautifully and safely. Having an orchid delivered has never been easier!

Buy an orchid at an orchid nursery - Kolibri Company (2024)


How do you take care of a kolibri orchid? ›

Plant Care

During the growing season, water the plant weekly or whenever its exposed roots turn silvery white. Water them in the morning and try to keep the potting media slightly damp. During the flowering season, you can cut the water back to every other week.

What is the most sought after orchid? ›

The Gold of Kinabalu Orchid is a rare species of orchid found only on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. Its vibrant yellow color and distinctive shape make it highly sought after by collectors. The Rothschild's Orchid is a rare species of orchid found only in the rainforests of Borneo.

What is the easiest orchid to keep alive? ›

moth orchid

This is the easiest orchid to grow in the home. It blooms in winter with long flower spikes containing many spectacular blooms that last for months.

What is the hardest orchid to take care of? ›

Habenarias have been promoted as being among the most difficult orchids to grow. Yet if one pays particular attention to their general needs, they are actually one of the easiest.

How much should an orchid cost? ›

While specific costs will vary, a full-sized, high-quality Phalaenopsis orchid delivery should cost you between $50 and $60. For a mini orchid, you can expect anywhere between $25 and $40.

How many years do orchids last? ›

The lifespan of an orchid will depend on many factors, including the type of orchid, their environment, the proper care provided and watering. If properly cared for, they can bloom twice a year for 15-20 years, and in the case of phalaenopsis orchids, their blooms typically last from two to three months.

How often should you water an orchid? ›

In summary, whilst each scenario will be different depending on the growing environment, its generally a good idea to water your orchid every 7 to 11 days, or more specifically, when the mix the orchid is contained in gets dry. Too much watering can damage your plant and is the most common reason your orchid will die.

What is the rarest color of orchid? ›

The rarest of the orchids and the most difficult to attain, therefore said to embody rarity, is the simply beautiful, blue orchid. As these flowers are difficult to find, you may often see blue orchids which contain dye to maintain their striking colour.

What is the most beautiful orchid? ›

One of the most popular orchid species is the Phalaenopsis. They are known for their elegant appearance thanks to the striking flowers that resemble a flying butterfly. This is why they are also called butterfly orchids. They have large, flat flowers with wide petals and a characteristic lip.

Why can't you touch orchids? ›

Unopened buds are the most sensitive parts of an orchid, and unsanitary handling can be one of the main causes of orchid viruses. First know there is no real reason or need to touch unopened orchid buds. However, if you must touch, make sure to thoroughly wash with soap and warm water before handling your plant.

Where is the best place to put an orchid in your house? ›

Most houseplant orchids like bright light, but not direct sun, such as on a north- or east-facing windowsill. They like regular watering and misting, preferably with rainwater or boiled water rather than tap water. Many need to be grown in bark-based orchid compost, rather than traditional houseplant compost.

Do coffee grounds help orchids? ›

While coffee grounds are a fantastic addition to your compost, the nature of their decomposition is not effective for most orchids. In addition, they cause rapid decomposition of orchid potting bark, creating an environment that is primed for root rot. It is best to save those grounds for other plants.

How do you take care of a kolibri plant? ›

Hedera helix Golden Kolibri is shade tolerant but needs bright, indirect light to grow and to maintain its yellow colour. Its tolerance to a range of lighting makes it a great plant for almost any space.

Are mini orchids hard to keep alive? ›

Orchids are easy. For a flower that blooms for months, these blooming machines need minimal care. The keys to orchid success are right plant, right light and consistent (not constant) care.

How do you take care of a mini orchid indoors? ›

Here are the main requirements for proper orchid care

Most orchids require water once a week. Avoid over watering as this can lead to root rot. Position your orchid in a bright windowsill facing east or west. Weekly feeding with a fertilizer designed for orchids.

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