Jason Kelce Reveals Plan To ‘Slim Down’ After Retiring From The NFL: ‘My Goal Is 250 lbs’ (2024)

Former football player Jason Kelce has revealed that losing weight is part of his retirement.

The father of three recently retired from the NFL after 13 long years with the Philadelphia Eagles.

He now plans on shedding much of his bulky weight, with a goal of 250 lbs in mind. However, he doesn't plan on doing extreme diets to achieve this weight.

Jason Kelce's Ideal Weight Is 250lbs

Jason Kelce Reveals Plan To ‘Slim Down’ After Retiring From The NFL: ‘My Goal Is 250 lbs’ (1)

Speaking on his "New Heights" podcast with his brother Travis Kelce, Jason expressed his anticipation of "getting skinny" following his retirement from professional football after a 13-year career.

The revelation came in response to a fan's question about whether he plans to "shed pounds" in retirement, considering he no longer requires the robust physique necessary for his previous role as an offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I'm gonna slim down. My goal is 250 lbs," Jason said, responding to the fan, per People. He added, "This last week I got down to like 285 because I knew I was doing this and then I had cake like three days in a row."

However, prior to the comment, he noted that he would be getting involved in running a marathon like NFL legend Alan Faneca, who also underwent a weight loss transformation after retirement.

"Yeah, I'm not doing that. I don't know how Alan's doing it. I'm not running on pavement," the former NFL star said, adding that his "knees are already messed up enough."

How Jason Kelce Plans To Lose Weight

Jason Kelce Reveals Plan To ‘Slim Down’ After Retiring From The NFL: ‘My Goal Is 250 lbs’ (2)

Speaking further on the topic, Jason said he doesn't plan on losing weight by doing extreme diets, which many weight loss enthusiasts seem to adhere to.

"There's different ways to do this. I personally don't subscribe to doing extreme diets like going all the way vegan or all the way carnivore or keto. F--- no I'm not doing that," the former Philadelphia Eagles center said.

He went on to say that he is using MyFitnessPal to track his calories before diving further into his plan.

Jason continued, "I feel like as long as I maintain my protein intake — so I keep my muscle — and just limit the calories, you'll start to lose weight. So that's the plan."

At this point, Travis interjected with an assurance that Jason would stick to his plan.

"This guy's got a plan in place, and when Jason Kelce has a plan, it's f------ done with," Travis said, to which Jason replied, "That's right."

The Former Footballer Has No Plans To Unretire

Jason Kelce Reveals Plan To ‘Slim Down’ After Retiring From The NFL: ‘My Goal Is 250 lbs’ (3)

Unlike Tom Brady, who once unretired, Jason Kelce seemingly has no plan to pull such a similar move. In his podcast, he shared that his deteriorating physical abilities were key to making the decision to retire.

Jason said, per People, "I just don't think physically I can compete at the level I want to anymore and really compete the way I want to. You know my elbow and my knees..."

He added, "It's just gotten to the point where the deterioration and recovery from that deterioration hasn't really manifested on game day yet, but I know it's going to start doing that, and I'd really rather not….if I go out there and I'm not the player I want to be it will crush me."

The Underdog apparel found also mentioned that he is "very confident in the decision," adding that he knows it's "time" and he has had a "really good run."

What's Next For Jason Kelce After Retirement?

Following Jason's retirement, he now has more time to devote to his growing empire, which includes a working Missouri cattle farm, his Underdog Apparel, and his podcast with his brother.

It is also expected that he will spend more time with his three daughters, Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 11 months, whom he shares with his wife of five years, Kylie McDevitt, 31.

Some have even speculated that the former NFL star is fit to run for office in Philadelphia and that he is sure to have the support of its citizens.

"Jason could run for mayor of Philadelphia and win," a source said in the People's cover story about the Kelce family. “[The city is] obsessed with him. Aside from his being a superstar athlete, Philly embraces him because of who he is — just a good, lovable family dude."

Jason Kelce Reveals Plan To ‘Slim Down’ After Retiring From The NFL: ‘My Goal Is 250 lbs’ (2024)
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